AML-check is a tool to verify cryptocurrency and its connection to illegal activities. It allows you to see detailed information about the risk level and sources of origin of funds. Such check is conducted for security purposes and to minimize the risks of using cryptocurrency.

AML-rules of the Crypcie Service (hereinafter Service) are intended to prevent and reduce possible risks of involvement of the Service in any illegal activities.

The Service takes a firm stand on the issue of illegal activity and takes all possible and available measures to prevent attempts of illegal trade, financial fraud, money laundering and other illegal actions with the use of our Service.

Using the Service, the User agrees with AML-rules, User Agreement and Service rules.

The current version of AML-rules is publicly available on the page of the Service website and comes into force from the moment of its publication on the Service website. AML-rules may be changed by the Service management unilaterally without further notice to Users.

All transactions of the Users of the Service undergo AML check on a mandatory basis. Exclusively the data of the Service concerning such check are the primary source in the resolution of the situation.

The Service accepts funds on different centralized exchanges, such as: WhiteBit, HTX, Binance, Bitexbit, 001K. In case AML-risk on the transaction sent by the user exceeds the permissible value set by one of these platforms, the user’s funds can be blocked by the platform with which the Service works.

Service may request the User to undergo identity verification (AML KYC), as well as to provide video, photo, documentary evidence of the origin of funds.

The request and further communication is carried out exclusively through the email specified by the User in the Application. In case of such a request from the Service, without verification and provision of the necessary data, the funds will be blocked until the User provides all the necessary information and all appropriate checks are completed.

In case of request of law enforcement bodies concerning the blocked funds, the Service has the right to withhold funds until the final resolution of the situation by law enforcement bodies.

In case, if as a result of carrying out necessary verification procedures and checks, the Service finds out that the funds were blocked due to sanction measures, such funds can be blocked until the moment of removal of such sanction measures.