1. Privacy Policy

This Privacy Policy (hereinafter referred to as the Privacy Policy) regulates the manner in which the Crypcie Service (hereinafter referred to as the Service) collects, uses, processes, stores and discloses information collected from users of the Service. The Privacy Policy is an integral part of the User Agreement and the rules of the Service.

This Privacy Policy applies to the Service site, all services and products offered by the Service (including when using the Service through the site or in correspondence – for example, by e-mail, messenger or online chat).

The Service respects the confidentiality of the users of the Service and guarantees that the Personal Data of the users are processed in conditions of confidentiality and in accordance with legislative acts. The Service implements the Privacy Policy in accordance with GDPR and AMLD.

Using the Service, the user expresses his consent to the terms of the Privacy Policy, as well as the User Agreement and the rules of the Service.

The actual version of the Privacy Policy is located for public access in the Internet on the page of the Service website and comes into force from the moment of its publication on the Service website. The Privacy Policy may be changed by the Service management unilaterally without further notice to the User.

2. Types of personal data that may be collected by the Service:
· Personal data that a user provides to the Service for registration and verification on the Service’s website, including:
-contact information, including full name, email, phone number(s), telegram;
– identification data, including date of birth, user’s photo, gender, passport or other state-issued identification documents;
– bank account details;
– password, login of the user’s account on the website of the Service.
· Personal data on AML KYC procedure, including:
– passport or other state-issued identity documents;
– necessary photos and videos of the User for AML KYC verification;
– documents confirming the sources of origin of the funds;
– AML KYC verification results;
– other Personal Data provided for AML KYC procedures (including additional procedures), etc.
· Personal Data relating to a user’s use of our Service, including:
– Transaction data (including blockchain data, bank/financial account details, card details, transaction amounts, sender or recipient details and time/date of transactions);
– information about the digital device through which you access our Service (e.g. device type, operating systеm);
– browser type;
– IP address;
– the date, time and duration of users visit to the Service site;
– ways for the user to access the Service site;
– data about the User’s correspondence with the Service via email, messenger, online chats or otherwise;
– data that the user provides in response to the Service’s questions.

3. Purposes of collection, processing and storage of Personal Data.

The Service collects, processes and stores all types of Personal Data in order to provide its services, ensure proper functioning of the Service’s systems, prevent and reduce possible risks of the Service’s involvement in any illegal activities, identify the user’s identity and ensure the security of the services.

The Service may use the User’s Personal Data to:
· process the user’s requests;
· send personalized offers of services and products to attract the user to use the Service;
· provide the Service’s services;
· register and verify the user’s account, administer the user’s account on the Service’s website;
· communicate with the user regarding the services and products of the Service, including informing the user about our products and services, providing technical support to users;
· monitor communication with the user in order to improve the quality of the Service, as well as for self-learning purposes.
· carry out AML KYC verification procedures, appropriate checks (in accordance with AML rules of the Service) and fulfill obligations to law enforcement authorities;
· prevent, detect and mitigate possible risks of involvement of the Service in any illegal activities (e.g. fraud, money laundering, financing of terrorism and other illegal activities).
· ensure the proper functioning of the Service’s systems;
· develop and improve the services of our Service based on the analysis of such data;
· identify and correct potential problems with the Service’s website;
· monitor the way in which the Service is used (including IP addresses, the type of devices from which the Service is used, the most popular areas of the Service, the ways in which users access the Service (e.g., through links from other sites or banner ads);
· conduct statistical analysis and research of our users’ preferences in order to better understand their use of our services.

4. Transfer of personal data

The User understands and agrees that the Service may transfer his personal data to third parties.

The Service provides confidentiality of information about the User and his operations.

The Service can provide personal data only upon request of authorized state bodies, services, officials or representatives of Payment Systems, for protection in the framework of legal action in the presence of legal grounds.

The Service does not dеlete personal data if they are relevant to any law enforcement investigation or legal dispute. They will be kept until the relevant situation has been fully resolved.

The Service may also disclose personal data if it believes that such disclosure is necessary or appropriate for national security, law enforcement or other socially important reasons, or for the purposes of protecting the operations of our Service and our users.

The Service may disclose certain personal data of a user to business partners if it is necessary to provide the Service’s services to the same user.

5. Storage of Personal Data

The Service stores personal data only for the period necessary to achieve the purposes set forth in this Privacy Policy, except where a longer retention period is required or permitted by law.

The Service retains the user’s personal data:
· for the period of existence of the user’s personal account, as well as for 5 years after its deletion;
· for the period of activity of a certain exchange operation (in case the user is not registered on the Service website), as well as within 5 years after its completion;
· in case of AML KYC procedures: for the period of existence of the User’s personal account, as well as within 5 years after its deletion; within 5 years after their completion by the User (if the User is not registered on the Service website).

Communications from the Personal Data Subject (User) regarding questions about the Privacy Policy are sent exclusively to the Service’s email.